Metropolitan Management Group

Management Strategies

Attention and follow up that stands above the rest.

24/7 Service

Available 24/7, MMG staff answers their own after hours calls. When a resident has an emergency they aren’t routed to an answering service or operator who knows nothing about the property, but they are directed right to the cell phone of our on call staff member. In the event that the staff member is unable to answer the phone call, our emergency response technology not only displays the message in written form for them to see before calling back, but our notification alerts until the call is returned- not just retrieved. This is yet another way that MMG offers more personal service which in turn provides a more efficient and effective response time. 

Tracking Software

Although we are not the largest management firm, we take our motto and reputation of remarkable customer service seriously. We have invested in some of the best and up to date technology available to assist our staff in staying on top of EVERY call, concern and issue. Our systems not only track the phone number called from, but it requires every retrieved call to be documented in the system with name, address, and issue before our staff can move onto the next issue. Not only does this system allow for remarkable follow up- it allows for any staff member at anytime to know exactly what is going on so again, we can respond more effectively and efficiently. In addition to outstanding resident follow up, our tracking process and software allow us to seamlessly report work order costs and summaries on each work order for our boards in their management reports.

Effective Portfolio Management

We have a proven management system, that allows for top notch customer service to every client and resident. Each client is assigned a Manager, and Assistant Manager who are trained in every aspect of your property from governing documents to accounting. Your assigned Management Team are available to not just take your phone call and concern, but answer it most often times right away, with one call. We take out the “middle man” that just refers you to another department. MMG is focused on providing accurate and timely response, and our portfolio management approach allows us to achieve this goal.