About MMG

Geln Burnie, Maryland

The idea for Metropolitan Management Group, LLC began, when founder and CEO Natalie Collier, determined there was a need for such a management service. While the management industry did not lack companies overall, it did lack a company that offered personalized service to their clients. While large companies with many clients were sufficient for some communities, Boards, and Landlords there were communities, Board Members and Landlords out there that desired management from a smaller more focused company that could offer outstanding customer service and reasonable prices. MMG was established based on this need, and is now proud to offer unmatched service.

Our limited client base enables our staff to operate without the unbearable workload that many Managers and their Assistants endure. Our capable staff is able to focus on each client individually, and are therefore able to dedicate the time and effort needed to effectively manage for our customers.

Our portfolio ranges from large community associations, to single investor properties, and we provide the same focused personalized attention to each and every client. Visit our contact us page to find out more about how our management team can help you.